TOS S1E2- “Charlie X”

Hello and welcome! We are back for more Star Trek! Today we are heading into the second episode of season one of The Original Series, but before we dive in, I wanted to take a brief moment for a quick housekeeping item. Trekking Timeline If you are following along at the time these are beingContinue reading “TOS S1E2- “Charlie X””

TOS S1E1- “The Man Trap”

Tonight’s episode began our journey into The Original Series. The Original Series has three seasons and 79 episodes. It ran from 1966-1969. The Original Series follows the crew of the starship Enterprise under the leadership of Captain James Tiberius Kirk and first officer Spock. Other notable additions that we come to know and love includeContinue reading “TOS S1E1- “The Man Trap””

Star Trek Pilot- “The Cage”

The Watching Commences! Alright! I got this watch-through started tonight and I am actually a little embarrassed to admit that I didn’t really know exactly how I was going to do this. I think it is one thing to say “I am going to watch all of Star Trek!”- it’s definitely something completely different toContinue reading “Star Trek Pilot- “The Cage””